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Zapya APK Free Download.. Are you tired of Bluetooth file sharing? Everyday new technology is discovered to increase user experience. Zapya is one of the best Android Apps which help you to transfer files to the different type of devices. You can share, transfer files from Androids, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones, Tizen, PCs, and Mac computers. You can Free Download Zapya from below buttons.

Feature of Zapya – File Sharing, Transfer – Android App

Zapya File Sharing App Share File Via WIFI Zapya Screens 1

Zapya File Sharing App Share File Via WIFI Zapya Screens

  1. Save Cast of Internet
    Do you want to share big files with friends? Free Download Zapya  and install it because it’s the best solution to solve this problem. You will be amazed to see the speed on which zapya shares files between to devices like iPhones to Andriod. Zpaya uses Wifi to share data.
  2. Share Files in Group
    Do you want to share games, movies or other big files with the group of friends? Zapya help you to save time and share one file on 4 different devices!
  3. Share Files in Seconds
    I have already mentioned that Zappa shares files using Wifi, and you can share files of 500MB in few seconds. Try Zapya and see the magic.
  4. No Need of Bluetooth, Cables, etc
    Wifi technology changed the traditional wired internet and helped use to use the internet anywhere. So, Zapya used the same technology to transfer, share files one multiple types of devices. You can share files from iPhone to Android
  5. Backup Old Phone Data
    Did you bring a new phone? Zapya helps you to create backup and transfer to your new phone.
  6. Play Multiplayer Games
    You can play games with friends and family members using zapya. You can connect with other devices and start playing multiplayer games.
  7. Secure File Transfer
    You can allow friends to create a group to share files by scanning the QR code from your zapya screen. Zapya generates new QR code whenever you want to connect with other devices.


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